Fast, Low-Cost Digital Currency Mining

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    Mining Made Easy with BitDeer

    Eliminating the hassle of buying, installing, running, and maintaining your own mining machines.

    User Buys Computing Power

    BitDeer computing power sharing platform

    Pool Distributes Earnings

    User Receives Earnings

    BitDeer simplifies the mining process for you BitDeer

    Purchase of Mining Machines

    Delivery of Machines to Facilities

    Testing and Connecting to Pools

    Operations and Maintenance

    A computing power sharing platform you can trust

    5M+ Users, 80% Return User Rate, 100+ BTC Output a Day

    Bitmain, Premier Supplier

    Bitmain provides the latest mining machines and quality guarantees.

    Five Biggest Pools

    We work with, AntPool, F2Pool, ViaBTC, and BTC.TOP to provide users with a free choice of pools.

    Direct Payout from Pools

    You can opt for direct payouts from pools, and BitDeer never takes a cut from your earnings.

    24 Hour Professional Support

    We provide professional support service, 24 hours a day.